is my Chinese name.

It is pronounced fei4 lin2

费 is my surname (corresponding to "Fendler") and it means "to spend." 學费 means "tuition."
琳 is my given name (corresponding to "Lynn") and it means "gem." The character is comprised of the radical for stone and the radical for forest.

This name was given to me by Taiwanese friends in 1974 while I was studying Mandarin at the 台北語文學院 (Taipei Language Institute).
I have also traveled in China to 北京Běijīng, 武漢 Wǔhàn, 桂林Guìlín, 西安Xī'ān, 延安Yán'ān, and 香港 Hong Kong.

I always welcome any chances to converse in Mandarin.
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