Cyprus 2012
Overall rationale = Arrive on Saturday morning, with lighter scheduling the first two days to allow time/place adjustment. Monday through Friday both weeks are scheduled with school visits and lectures. Weekends have cultural activities and social time.


Friday, 4 May
Evening Departure
Depart Michigan for Larnaca
Lansing Departure (morning)
Be at the Lansing Airport by 7:30am.
Overnight on plane
Saturday, 5 May
Morning Arrival
Arrive in Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Visit Hala Sultan Tekke: “The funerary shrine of Umm Haram, a holy woman of Islam, near Larnaca, Cyprus, is the most important pilgrimage site for Muslims on the mostly Christian island of Cyprus” (__Nassos Papalexandrou__).
  • Travel to Nicosia
  • Settle into hostel accommodations:
Averof Hotel
Mini-bus for the day:

-Airport to Hala Sultan Tekke.

-Hala Sultan Tekke to Nicosia
Sunday, 6 May
Nicosia Orientation
  • Optional Orthodox church service (Panagia Faneromeni Church--one of the oldest in the downtown district)
  • Walking tour of hostel area
  • Introduction to Peace Education issues and curricula
Day for Cooperationstreet festival (beginning at 3:00pm). Rena Choplarou

The 6th May 2012 marks the 1st birthday of the Home for Cooperation and the Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR) is planning a truly memorable celebration.

To celebrate this monumental occasion, a street festival will take place at the H4C from 3pm, which will include a host of activities for all to enjoy. See the attached documents for further details.

Be part of this historic event by joining us for the celebrations and help us make the 6thMay unforgettable!

Located in the Nicosia, Cyprus, buffer zone, the Home for Cooperation (H4C) provides a shared space for inter-communal cooperation and dialogue. Hosting a library and archive, conference and exhibition spaces, and offices, the H4C is the first centre in Cyprus to promote the collective efforts of civil society in engaging in historical inquiry, contemporary understanding and peace building.
Monday, 7 May
Open University
  • Tour of facilities
  • Meet faculty
  • Meet Study Buddies

  • Walking tour
  • Medieval city walls
  • St. John’s Cathedral

Welcome Dinner
local transportation
Tuesday, 8 May
Public School Visits

Faneromeni Elementary School
(one of the oldest and most historic schools of Cyprus in the city-center; a multicultural school with innovative school programs)

Faneromeni Gymnasium

North Nicosia

Cyprus history presentation: Discussion of Peace & Reconciliation Curricula

__North side of Nicosia__, Walking Tour:

● Büyük Han

__Selimiye Mosque__

● CIty Walls

De-brief meeting.
Wednesday, 9 May
Private School Visits

Private secondary school:
The English School, Nicosia
P. O Box 2375, 1684 Nicosia
(the oldest private school in Cyprus, established by British colonial power in 1900).

Peace Education Lecture: Michalinos Zembylas, Open University
local transportation
Thursday, 10 May
University Visits

University of Cyprus (public university)
  • tour of facilities
  • introduction to education faculty
  • Lecture: Higher Ed in Cyprus

University of Nicosia (private university)
  • tour of facilities
  • meet faculty
  • talk/lecture
local transportation
Friday, 11 May
Travel to Limassol

School Visit
Agios Antonios 18th Elementary School
(one of the most celebrated multicultural schools in which both Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking students are enrolled; awarded first prize for multicultural education programs in the Commonwealth a few years ago)

Archaeological sites guided tour
  • 13th Century Kolossi Castle;
  • Folk Art Museum;
  • 2nd Century Kourion
  • 4th Century Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates
  • Limassol Archaeology Museum (open 9-5)

Overnight in Limassol: __Arsinoe Hotel__
Mini-bus for three-day weekend.

Professional Tour Guide, Anthi, for the afternoon.
Saturday, 12 May
Travel to __Paphos__
  • Paphos Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Saranta Kolones
  • Panagia Limeniotissa Basilica near the harbour.
  • Panagia Chrysopolitissa and Byzantine Basilica
  • Tomb of the Kings

Mezze Lunch

Overnight in Paphos: Cynthiana Hotel
Second day of mini-bus.

Professional Tour Guide for the day
Sunday, 13 May
Travel to Akamas

  • "Πέτρα του Ρωμιού" (Petra Tou Romiou)=Baths of Aphrodite
  • __Hiking

Evening: Return to Nicosia
Third day of mini-bus.
Monday, 14 May
9-11am Group Meeting/Debrief (Averof)

11-4 Museums

Visit the “Home for Cooperation” in the Green Line--the site of the bicommunal organization “Association for Historical Dialogue and Research”. Representatives from other NGOs working for peace and reconciliation in Cyprus
__The Byzantine Museum__ is open for the public Monday-Friday: 0900-1630,

The Art Gallery is open for the public Monday-Friday: 0900-1300/1400-1630, except weekends.

22430008 Address: __Byzantine Museum__ and Art Gallery Archbishop

Tuesday, 15 May
Travel to Troodos Mountains

Rural School Visits

Kakopetria Elementary School

Evrychou Gymnasium and Lyceum

Visit the picturesque village of Kakopetria and churches in Galata and Kakopetria (UNESCO World Heritage sites)

Evening: Return to Nicosia
Mini-bus for the day

This travel route goes through mountains and villages.
Wednesday, 16 May
Loucia's School
Peace Players (The English School)
Greek Dance Lesson 4-5pm (Open University)
local transportation
Thursday, 17 May
Pedagogical Institute (9-11am)

Archaeology Museum (afternoon)

Debrief meeting
local transportation
Friday, 18 May
Free day; shopping; packing
  • Farewell ceremonies
  • Debrief meeting
  • Farewell dinner with Study Buddies

International Fair Nicosia, Cyprus
18 - 27 May 2012
Saturday, 19 May
Larnaca Airport: Depart for Michigan
Mini-bus from Nicosia to Larnaca Airport
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