ΚύπροςFellowship to Enhance Global Understanding
4-19 May 2012Generously Sponsored by the College of Education, Michigan State UniversityTentative Itinerary

Our host: Open University Cyprus
Michalinos Zembylas

Travel Tips (electrical adaptors; dress; Supplemental Travel Insurance)

Brief, readable overview of Cyprus history, culture, and geography.
Historical timeline 1914-2011 by BBC News
Historical timeline 1571-2008 by Turkish Cypriots.

Cyprus = 45 minute video by National Geographic

From Alison:
A woman who went to the same college I did is walking along the buffer zone in Cyprus, taking photos, and adding daily blog posts about her experiences. She just put her first post up today. The link is:
[Note: only the first three photos are Cyprus. The rest of them are Walajeh and Jerusalem.]

Our song: Golden Green Leaf(Χρυσοπράσινο Φύλλο = Chrysoprásino fyllo)
Poetry by Leonidas Malenis; Music by Mikis Theodorakis

Land of the lemon tree, of the olive tree
Land of the embrace, of the joy
Land of the pine tree, of the cypress tree,
of the young lads, of love

Green-golden leaf thrown into the sea

Land of the dry field
Land of the sad Virgin Mary
Land of the hot wind, of the unjustified loss,
of the wild weather, of the volcanoes

Green-golden leaf thrown into the sea

Land of the girls who laugh
Land of the boys who get drunk
Land of the myrtle, of the greeting
Cyprus of love and of the dreams

Green-golden leaf thrown into the sea
Γη της λεμονιάς, της ελιάς
γη της αγκαλιάς, της χαράς
γη του πεύκου, του κυπαρισσιού
των παλικαριών και της αγάπης

Χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο ριγμένο στο πέλαγο

Γη του ξεραμένου λιβαδιού
γη της πικραμένης Παναγιάς
γη του λίβα, τ' άδικου χαμού
τ' άγριου καιρού, των ηφαιστείων

Χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο ριγμένο στο πέλαγο

Γη των κοριτσιών που γελούν
γη των αγοριών που μεθούν
γη του μύρου, του χαιρετισμού
Κύπρος της αγάπης και του ονείρου

Χρυσοπράσινο φύλλο ριγμένο στο πέλαγο
Gē tēz lemoniάz, tēz eliάz
gē tēz agkaliάz, tēz charάz
gē tou pékou, tou kyparissioύ
tōn palikarión kai tēz agάpēz

Chrysoprάsino fyllo rigmέno sto pέlago

Gē tou zeramέnou libadioύ
gē tēz pikramέnēz Panagiάz
gē tou lίba, t' άdikou chamoύ
t' άgriou kairoύ, tōn ēfaisteίon

Chrysoprάsino fyllo rigmέno sto pέlago

Gē tōn koritsión pou geloύn
gē tōn agorión pou methoύn
gē tou mírou, tou chairetismoύ
Kyproz tēz agάpēz kai tou oneίrou

Chrysoprάsino fyllo rigmέno sto pέlago
Greek Language Tips
Chrysoprase is a golden green gemstone.
Fyllo = leaf, as in filo dough; related to "folio," as in portfolio.
Pelago = sea, as in archipelago, from Ancient Greek ἀρχι- (archi, “leading”) + πέλαγος (pelagos, “sea”).
Agάpēz = love, as in "agape, philia, and eros."
ēfaisteίon = volcano, as in Hephaestus, god of fire and the forge.
Oneίrou = dream, as in oneirology, the science of dreams.

Peace Education Resources
Teaching Contested Narratives: Identity, Memory and Reconciliation in Peace Education and Beyond. By Zvi Bekerman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Michalinos Zembylas (Open University of Cyprus)

Lansing Peace Education Center
Teachers Without Borders
International Network for Conflict Resolution Education and Peace Education (INCREPE)
ICSSPE (International Center for Sport Science and Physical Education): Sport as a Mediator Between Cultures
Gavriel Salomon, Baruch Nevo (2002) //Peace education:The concept, principles, and practices around the world// (Google eBook)
Front Cover
Front Cover

Peace Education: Michalinos Zembylas

Cyprus Food = wiki page with images
Cyprus Gastronomy = Food Tourism Video
Nicosia = One minute of slides
Nicosia = 10-minute video of the city emphasizing churches
Hala Sultan Tekke = 12:32 video (Muslim perspective)
Nicosia the last Divided Capital of Europe = 8 minutes with aerial overview shots (Greek perspective)
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