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Lynn Fendler

Professor, Ethics of Knowledge
Department of Teacher Education
Michigan State University
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I am interested in the ethical implications of knowledge and educational practices, including the ways knowledge shapes what is (im)possible for us to think. As part of this ongoing investigation, I study epistemology, power, the history of science, and historiography. My current teaching is focused on examinations of how Social-Science and Humanities-Oriented approaches allow different possible research questions.

Book that introduces the work of Michel Foucault in accessible language:
Michel Foucault by Lynn Fendler, Bloomsburty (formerly Continuum) Library of Educational Thought, 2010. PDF ebook available.
David Carlson 2011 Review.pdf
James Marshall 2010 Review.pdf
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A dialogue about becoming a teacher:
Edwin & Phyllis by Lynn Fendler, published in the 50th Anniversary Special Issue of Studies in Philosophy and Education, 2011.

Lynn's Favorites
Cyprus Fellowship to Enhance Global Understanding, May 2012

Doctoral Program in Curriculum, Instruction & Teacher Education: CITE

Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum Fully online program available: MATC
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