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Overview Of The Table Of Contents Of The Books Published By The Research Community

Beyond Empiricism. On Criteria For Educational Research (Eds. P. Smeyers & M. Depaepe, 2003, Leuven University Press)
Introduction (Paul Smeyers and Marc Depaepe)

I Educational Research As A Social Discourse (Section Editor Nicholas Burbules)
Six Stories In Search Of A Character? “The Philosopher” In An Educational Research Group
David Bridges, University Of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K.

The Importance Of New Technologies In Promoting Collaborative Educational Research
Nicholas Burbules, University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A. And Bert Lambeir, Kuleuven, Belgium

Constructing The Eden Of Our Earthly Existence. Empiricism And The History Of Educational Research In Belgium Before The Second World War
Marc Depaepe And Angelo Van Gorp, Kuleuven, Belgium

From Colonialism To Globalisation: Performativity In New Zealand Education
James D. Marshall, Michael Peters, And Ruth Irwin, University Of Auckland, New Zealand

II Educational Research As A Discursive Practice (Section Editor Thomas Popkewitz)
Journals And The Making Of Experts And Educational Knowledge. Exploring A Portuguese Pedagogical Journal (1921-1932)
Luís Miguel Carvalho, Technical University Of Lisbon, Portugal

From Schools Of Thinking To Genres Of Writing. New Roles For Philosophy Of Education
Bas Levering, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

The Disciplinary Terrains Of Soul And Self-Government In The First Map Of The Educational Sciences (1879-1911)
Jorge Ramos Do Ó, University Of Lisbon, Portugal

Educational Research And Constituting The American School At The Turn Of The 20th Century
Thomas S. Popkewitz, The University Of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.

Research And Revelation: What Really Works?
Richard Smith, University Of Durham, U.K.

Ideas In Their Historical Context: The Case Of German “Geisteswissenschaftliche Pädagogik” As A National Grammar
Daniel Throehler, Pestalozzianum, Zürich, Switzerland

III Educational Research: Epistemological Issues (Section Editor Wouter Van Haaften)
Self-Understanding And Self-Determination: An Unfamiliar Look At The Philosophy Of Education
Jan Bransen, Kunijmegen, The Netherlands

The Concept Of Truth In Educational Theory
Stefaan Cuypers, Kuleuven, Belgium

Experiencing Knowledge: Some Philosophical Insights For Educational Research
Kathleen Coessens, VUB, Belgium

Wittgenstein And Cavell: Reappraising Scepticism In Educational Theory
Stefan Ramaekers, Kuleuven, Belgium

Causality And (In-)Determinism In Educational Research
Paul Smeyers, Kuleuven, Belgium

IV Educational Research: Ethical Considerations (Section Editor Lynn Fendler)
Theorising Educational Practices: The Politico-Ethical Choices
Michael A. Peters, University Of Glasgow, U.K.

Personal Autonomy, Authenticity And The Intrinsic Valuation Of Nature
Dirk Willem Postma, Kuleuven, Belgium And Kunijmegen, The Netherlands

Equal Recognition: Identity Politics And The Idea Of A Social Science
Paul Standish, University Of Dundee, U.K.

Ethical Problems Of Community In Educational Research
Lynn Fendler, Michigan State University, U.S.A.


Educational Research: Why ‘What Works’ Doesn’t Work (Eds. P. Smeyers & M. Depaepe, 2006, Springer)

Introduction. On The Rhetoric Of ‘What Works’. Contextualizing Educational Research And The Picture Of Performativity
Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe

1. The ‘Good Practices’ Of Jozef Emiel Verheyen – Schoolman And Professor Of Education At The Ghent University
Marc Depaepe, Frank Simon & Angelo Van Gorp

2. Ovide Decroly, A Hero Of Education
Angelo Van Gorp

3. Why Generalizability Is Not Generalizable
Lynn Fendler

4. The New Languages And Old Institutions: Problems Of Implementing New School Governance 65
Daniel Tröhler

5. Problematization Or Methodology
James D. Marshall

6. The Relevance Of Irrelevant Research; The Irrelevance Of Relevant Research
Paul Smeyers

7. Expectations Of What Scientific Research Could (Not) Do
Kathleen Coessens And Jean Paul Van Bendegem

8. Kuhnian Science And Education Research: Analytics Of Practice And Training
Lynda Stone

9. The International And The Excellent In Educational Research
David Bridges

10. Technical Difficulties: The Workings Of Practical Judgement
Richard Smith

11. The Science Of Education – Disciplinary Knowledge On Non-Knowledge/Ignorance?
Edwin Keiner

Notes On Contributors – Index

Educational Research: Networks And Technologies. (Eds. P. Smeyers & M. Depaepe, Springer, 2007)

1. Networks And Technologies: On The Continuity And Change Of Educational Research And Practice
Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe

2. Www.Thedevelopmentofknowledge.Net
David Bridges And Michael Watts

3. Networks, Information Politics, And The New Paradigm Of Social Production
Michael A. Peters And Daniel Araya

4. Networks As Spaces And Places: Their Importance For Educational Research Collaboration
Nicholas C. Burbules

5. The Role Of Electronic Reading And Writing In Networking And In Educational Research: What Difference Does It Make?
Bert Lambeir And Stefan Ramaekers

6. On The Position Of The Educationalist Intellectual In The Information Age
Shouldn’t We Become Meta-Modern Artists?
Kathleen Coessens And Jean Paul Van Bendegem

7. The Hidden Homogenization Of Educational Research:
On Opening Up The Sphere Of Responsiveness
Paul Smeyers

8. Network, Critique, Conversation
Towards A Rethinking Of Educational Research Methods Training
Naomi Hodgson And Paul Standish

9. Research In Motion
Doctoral Programmes At The Network University
Goele Cornelissen, Maarten Simons And Jan Masschelein

10. Public Space In A Network Society?
A Note On The Call For Public Space (Philosophy) In Education Today
Nancy Vansieleghem

11. ‘Erasmus The Albatross’: The Transmission Of Ideas As Information
James D. Marshall

12. Penelope’s Work: Only Disconnect
Richard Smith

13. Normalizing Parenthood Once Again
What It Means To Be A Parent Today
Geertrui Smedts

14. True Love Waits
Abstinence Education In The U.S.A.
Ceri Black

15. Punishment As An Educational Technology - A Form Of Pedagogical Inertia In Schools?
Frederik Herman, Marc Depaepe, Frank Simon And Angelo Van Gorp

16. Notes On Contributors. 17. Index

Smeyers, P., & Depaepe, M. (Eds.). (2008). Educational Research: The Educationalization Of Social Problems. Dordrecht: Springer.

1. Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe
Pushing Social Responsibilities: The Educationalization Of Social Problems

2. Marc Depaepe, Frederik Herman, Melanie Surmont, Angelo Van Gorp & Frank Simon
About Pedagogization … From The Perspective Of The History Of Education

3. Daniel Tröhler
The Educationalization Of The Modern World.
Progress, Passion, And The Protestant Promise Of Education

4. Lynn Fendler
Educationalising Trends In Societies Of Control: Assessments, Problem-Based Learning, And Empowerment

5. Lynda Stone
Educationalization In A Usa Present: A Historicist Rendering

6. Kathleen Coessens And Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Cultural Capital As Educational Capital—The Need For A Reflection On The Educationalisation Of Cultural Taste

7. Nancy Vansieleghem And Bruno Vanobbergen
The ‘Educationalisation’ Of The Language Of Progressivism
Exploring The Nature Of A True Alternative

8. Geertrui Smedts
Parenting And The Art Of Being A Parent

9. Naomi Hodgson
The Educationalisation Of Social Problems And The Educationalisation Of Educational Research: The Example Of Citizenship Education

10. Michael Watts
Higher Education And Hyperreality

11. James D. Marshall
Education For The Knowledge Economy

12. Thomas S. Popkewitz
The Social, Psychological And Education Sciences:
From Educationalization To Pedagogicalization Of The Family And The Child

13. Maarten Simons And Jan Masschelein
‘It Makes Us Believe That It Is About Our Freedom’:
Notes On The Irony Of The Learning Apparatus

14. Richard Smith
To School With The Poets: The Pädogisierung Of Philosophy

15. Paul Standish
The Education Concept

16. Paul Smeyers

17. Notes On Contributors

18. Index

Smeyers, P., & Depaepe, M. (Eds.). (2009). Educational Research: Proofs, Arguments And Other Reasonings: The Language Of Education. Dordrecht: Springer.

1. Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe
Rhetoric And Argument In The Language Of Education And Of Educational Research

2. Daniel Tröhler
Beyond Arguments And Ideas: Languages Of Education

3. Marc Depaepe And Frank Simon
Sources In The Making Of Histories Of Education:
Proofs, Arguments And Other Forms Of Reasoning From The Historian’s Workplace

4. David Labaree
Educational Formalism And The Language Of Goals In American Education, Educational Reform, And Educational History

5. Naomi Hodgson
The Language Of Education And The Language Of Educational Research: The Knowledge Economy, Citizenship And Subjectivation

6. Geertrui Smedts
Parenting In A Technological Age

7. Michael Watts
Capability And The Language Of Educational Research

8. Lynda Stone
A Rthetoric For Educational Research

9. Jean Paul Van Bendegem And Kathleen Coessens
Arguments And Proofs About Arguments And Proofs

10. Nick Burbules
Evidence And Argumentation In Educational Research

11. Richard Smith
Half A Language: Listening In The City Of Words

12. Paul Smeyers
Revisiting Achilles’ Sadness That No Method Can Be Found. Educational Research: To Whom Should We Talk, For What Purpose And In What Way?

13. David Bridges
Reasoning From Educational Research To Policy

14. Notes On Contributors

15. Index

Smeyers, P., & Depaepe, M. (Eds.). (2010). Educational Research: The Ethics And Aesthetics Of Statistics. Dordrecht: Springer.

1. Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe
Representation Or Hard Evidence? The Use Of Statistics In Education And Educational Research

2. David Labaree
The Lure Of Statistics For Educational Researchers

3. Marc Depaepe
Dazzling Statistics? On The University Expansion In Flanders And The Need For Research Into The History Of Education That Transcends Quantifying Sociology

4. Jeroen Dekker
Child Maltreatment In The Last Fifty Years: The Use Of Statistics

5. Norbert Grube
Constructing Social Unity And Presenting Clear Predictions: The Promise Of Public Opinion Pollsters To Measure And Educate Society

6. David Bridges
N=1: The Science And Art Of The Single Case In Educational Research

7. Elias Hemelsoet
To Frame The Unframable: Quantifying Irregular Migrants’ Presence

8. Naomi Hodgson
European Citizenship And Evidence-Based Happiness

9. Ulrike Stadler-Altmann And Edwin Keiner
The Persuasive Power Of Figures And The Aesthetics Of The Dirty Backyards Of Statistics In Educational Research

10. Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Karen François, And Kathleen Coessens
The Good, The Beautiful And The Literate: Making Statistics Accessible For Action

11. Paul Smeyers
Statistics And The Inference To The Best Explanation. Living Without Complexity?

12. Ian Munday
Performativity, Statistics And Bloody Words

13. Richard Smith
A Bubble For The Spirit-)Level: Metricophilia, Rhetoric And Philosophy

14. Paul Standish
Calling To Account

15. Notes On Contributors

16. Index

Smeyers, P., & Depaepe, M. (Eds.). (2013). Educational Research: The Attraction Of Psychology. Dordrecht: Springer.

1. Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe
Making Sense Of The Attraction Of Psychology: On The Strengths And Weaknesses For Education And Educational Research

2. Marc Depaepe
Struggling With The Historical Attractiveness Of Psychology For Educational Research Illustrated By The Case Of Nazi-Germany

3. Jean-Claude Croizet
On The Fatal Attractiveness Of Psychology: Racism Of Intelligence In Education

4. Lynn Fendler
Psychology In Teacher Education: Efficacy, Professionalization, Management, And Habit

5. Stefan Ramaekers & Judith Suissa
The Fatal Attraction Of The Language Of Developmental Psychology In Child Rearing

6. Kathleen Coessens, Karen François, & Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Mirror Neuron, Mirror Neuron In The Brain, Who’s The Cleverest In Your Reign? From The Attraction Of Psychology To The Discovery Of The Social

7. Paul Standish
The Vocabulary Of Acts: Neuroscience, Phenomenology, And The Mirror-Neuron

8. Volker Kraft
The Attraction Of Neuropsychological Findings In Contemporary Educational Thinking, Or: Feeling, Emotion And Relationship As Blind Spots In Educational Theory

9. David Bridges
In Defence Of The Humanities Against The Exaggerated Pretensions Of ‘Scientific’ Psychology

10. Richard Smith
The Theology Of Education To Come

11. Nicholas C. Burbules
Learning Is Not Education

12. Stijn Mus
Attention, Commitment And Imagination In Educational Research. Open The Universe A Little More!

13. Notes On Contributors

14. Index

Smeyers, P., Depaepe, M., Keiner, E. (Eds.). (2013). Educational Research: The Importance And Effects Of Institutional Spaces. Dordrecht: Springer.

1. Paul Smeyers And Marc Depaepe
Exploring A Multitude Of Spaces In Education And Educational Research

2. Lynda Stone
American Democracy And Harold D. Lasswell: Institutional Spaces Of ‘Failure’ And ‘Success’, Present And Past

3. David Labaree
The Power Of The Parochial In Shaping The American System Of Higher Education

4. Marc Depaepe, Lieven D’hulst, And Frank Simon
Crossing The Atlantic To Gain Knowledge In The Field Of Psycho-Pedagogy: The 1922 Mission Of Ovide Decroly And Raymond Buyse To The Usa And The Travel Diary Of The Latter

5. Pauline Schreuder And Jeroen Dekker
The Emergence Of Institutional Educational Spaces For Young Children: In Pursuit Of More Controllability Of Education And Development As Part Of The Long-Term Growth Of Educational Space In History

6. Pieter Dhondt
A Different Training, A Different Practice. Infant Care In Belgium In The Interwar Years In The City And In The Countryside

7. Pieter Verstraete
Disability, Rehabilitation & The Great War: Making Space For Silence In The History Of Education

8. Richard Smith
Interpretation: The Space Of Text

9. Stijn Mus
Exploring Educational Research As A Multi-Layered Discursive Space

10. Karen François, Kathleen Coessens, And Jean Paul Van Bendegem
The Spaces Of Mathematics: Dynamic Encounters Between Local And Universal

11. Ian Munday
The Classroom Space: A Problem Or A Mystery?

12. Nicholas C. Burbules
Spaces And Places In The Virtual University

13. Lynn Fendler And Karin Priem
Material Contexts And Creation Of Meaning In Virtual Places: Web 2.0 As A Space Of Educational Research

14. Naomi Hodgson
From Entrepreneurialism To Innovation: Research, Critique, And The Innovation Union

15. About The Authors

16. Author Index/Subject Index

Smeyers, P., & Depaepe, M. (Eds.). (In Press, 2013). Educational Research: Material Culture And Its Representation. Dordrecht: Springer.

1 Introduction
Paul Smeyers & Marc Depaepe

2 Valorising The Cultural Heritage Of The School Desk Through Historical Research
Marc Depaepe, Frank Simon & Pieter Verstraete

3 Mirrors Of Reality? Material Culture And The Significance Of Images For Research Into Long-Term Educational Processes
Jeroen J.H. Dekker

4 Visual, Literary And Numerical Aspects Of Education: Materiality, Presence And Interpretation
Karin Priem

5 Education And The ‘New Totalitarianism’: How Standards For Reporting On Empirical Studies Of Education Limit The Scope Of Academic Research And Communication
Sophie Ward

6 Materials That Shape Researchers
Naomi Hodgson

7 The Tractarian Template In The Representation Of Educational Research: Can We Ever Depart From The Picture Of Logical Empiricism?
Paul Smeyers

8 The Ethics Of Materiality: Some Insights From Non-Representational Theory For Educational Research
Lynn Fendler

9 Mud And Hair: An Essay On The Conditions Of Educational Research
Richard Smith

10 Material And Aesthetic Tensions Within Arts-Based Educational Research: Drawing Woodpaths
Maureen K. Michael And Ian Munday

11 Olympification Versus Aesthetization: The Appeal Of Mathematics Outside The Classroom
Kathleen Coessens, Karen François & Jean Paul Van Bendegem

12 Signs Of The Times: Iconography Of A New Education
Paul Standish

13 The Paradigmatic Differences Between Name/Date And Footnote Styles Of Citation
Nick Burbules

14 Conversation – In The Construction And Representation Of Research
David Bridges

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